Hello! Wecome back to my blog. Today i'm going to tell you about the retret event that i participate in.

          The event was held at 19 - 21 August 2016, in Wisma Aloysius Gambung. This event was organized by KSK ( Keluarga Siswa-Siswi Katolik) Keuskupan Bandung. This retret was for all catholic students that became a student in the public school. Before we went there, we had to gather in front of Gedung DKP Gereja Katedral Santo Petrus Bandung at 1 P.M. We gathered together for attendance check and administration fulfillment. After the administration was fulfilled and the checking had done, we did a prayer for the trip and then we went  to Wisma Aloysius Gambung with army's truck at around 2.30 P.M. The ride took about 3 hours from Bandung to Wisma Aloysius Gambung. We arrived there at 5.30 P.M.
             The first thing we do there was room allocation. The boys and girls place to sleep is different. The boys slept in house no.3 when the girls slept in house no.4 . I got room 5 as my room in hose no.3. Of course i wasn't sleeping there alone. Ernest Giovanni ( X MIA 1) and Timo (X MIA 10) became my roomate for this retret, they're both from SMA Negeri 3 Bandung.  In the house there's also student from SMA Negeri 8, SMK Negeri 8, SMA Negeri 27, SMA Negeri 22, SMA Negeri 20,etc.
             After we had got to our room, we took a bath and cleaned ourselves. At 6.P.M, we ate dinner in the dining room which is separated from our house. While we were eating dinner, we talked about our days at the school. There was a lot of different stories that i heard from the other students. After the dinner there was a session. The session held in the main hall. Before we started our session, we had divided to several groups. Each groups must had a group name and performed their "jargon" in front of others. After the performance, we started the session. The first session was about "God that loves us". In this session we were invited to realize that God loves us as ourselves.
           The session finished at around 9 P.M. Before the session finished we did a prayer to thank God for his graces for the first day. After the session finished we got back to our house and prepared to sleep. Before we slept, we had sang the church songs with the other friends. We sang from 10.P.M until around 12.A.M, and then we slept at our room. At 1 A.M we were awaken by the sound of our retret committee. We were asked to go outside and bring something to close our eyes. 
          After we got out of the house, we were asked to align based on the groups that had given before the first session. After that we were asked to use the blindfolds that we brought. We were about to start the "Jurit Malam". We were doing "Jurit Malam" with our eyes blindfolded. We only can rely on our hearing capabilities and our trust to the other group member.
         In this "Jurit Malam" there were 3 outpost. The first one is the outpost of Bible. Here we were told one phrases from the Bible and we were asked to reflect from the phrases. 
          The second outpost was the outpost of calmness and teamwork. Here we need to search the bible's scroll in the haunted house. Fortunately here we could open our blindfold and use our eyes. We asked to got in the house 2 at a time, and we had a time limit of 2 minutes to search the scrolls. Unfortunately my group didn't get the scrolls.
            The third outpost was the outpost of opinion and honesty. Here we were asked some questions about our opinion of KSK and the retret. We were asked to answer it honestly. After the "Jurit Malam" had done, we were asked to got back to our house and slept. The next morning I woke up at 6 A.M. 

              The second day, we had 4 sessions. The first session was about "What kind of character that Jesus has?". The second session was outbound, we walked trough tea garden and played some games near the stream. After the second session we cleaned ourselves and had lunch in the dining room. after lunch we gathered in the main hall for another session. The third session was about the brief history of KSK. This session is told by Ma'am Diana's husband which was the former head of KSK. After the session we had a free time until around 6 P.M after dinner, After dinner, we gathered again in the main hall for the fourth session.  Before the fourth session there was a session for choosing the new head of KSK. In the fourth session we talked about KSK itself, "What is KSK?". In this session we were introduced deeper to what KSK actually is.
                 After the fourth session we got to the field and had a camfire. We were so happy to see a campfire because it was very cold at the time. In the campfire also announced the new Head of  KSK. The new head of  KSK is Ricky Adrian from SMA Negeri 8 Bandung. We gathered around campfire to feel it's warm and sang songs together. We sang a lot of songs, from church songs, dangdut songs, and nostalgia songs. We enjoyed that night as a family, had fun together around the campfire.
              The third day, we packed up our goods and prepared for the closing of the retret. The retret was closed by Eucharist sacrament (Misa) in the main hall. After the closing we took some pictures and went back to Bandung with the same army's truck that we had used in the day of our departure. We arrived back at Bandung around 4 P.M.




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