Hello!, today i'm going to tell you about things i did in Megantara Cultural Festival.
Megantara was an event held at Lapangan Bali on Saturday, 10 September 2016. It was a cultural festival which shows all cultures from Indonesia. Before the event started all of 10th grade students, teachers, and kids from several kindergarten school were gathered at the front of Lapang bali for the short parade in the morning. Below was the picture of my friends (Helmi, Ilham, Ariq, and Kenny) and i (the first from the left), we were using Pangsi Cloths which is Sundanese traditional clothing.

       Unfortunately, i can't took a lot of picture while we were marching across the street because, it is dangerous to record and walk at the same time. Especially because we were marching in the main road where the traffic is busy. We were marching from Bali Street turned left into Belitung Street and then turned right at the intersections to Sumatra street, we walked straight ahead until another intersections and turned left to Aceh Street. At the next intersections, we turned left to Merdeka Street and walked straight ahead until the intersections in front of Taman Vanda and then we turned left to Jawa Street we walked straight ahead until we turned left to Lombok Street and got back again at Bali Street. Here it is,the picture that i captured during the parade.
After the parade had finished, i changed my Pangsi clothing to casual clothing and then i wait until the gate open. While waiting the gate to open, Kenny and i searched for some books in Gramedia. The gate was opened at 11.35 AM, but we got inside at around 2 PM.  Inside the festival i saw there were 5 sections, which was based on 5 main island in Indonesia (Java, Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Papua). The first section i enter was the Sumatera section. There were some stands in the sections. I saw a stand filled by one of the special culinary from Sumatera(Sate Padang). My friend and i got in and order some food for lunch. A portion of Sate Padang + drink was Rp 20.000 .
After we had eaten, we walked around the other sections and went to the large open field to see the stage. We arrived at the field when there were traditional dance playing in the stage. It wasn't filled with crowds yet, so it was more comfortable. We walked around and talked with our friends inside the festival. We played around and had some fun until 4 AM.
Before i left, i had seen the fashion show. The fashion show shows representatives of each class with traditional clothing from every culture in Indonesia. the clothing had been assigned before the festival. When i walked into the exit gate, i saw a lot of people align to got in to the festival. I can't believe how much people were there. In the end it was an awesome event.
Well that's all for now, see you in another post.... Goodbye!


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