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24th of December 2016, my family and i went to my grandparent’s house in Jakarta. We started our trip to Jakarta at 9 AM in the morning. We arrived in my grandparent’s house at 2 PM. When we arrived on my grandparents house, my grandparents had prepared lunch for us so we ate the food and talked a bit about our experience in Bandung this year. My grandparents rarely visited Bandung so we had to tell what happened in Bandung for them. It was 24th of December which was Christmas Eve, so at 8 PM we went to the nearest Catholic Church to attend Christmas Eve Eucharist. The Eucharist took about 3 hours it finished at 11 PM. We usually attend Christmas Eve Eucharist on the Christmas Eve to celebrate Christmas. After the Eucharist we went home and arrived at 12 PM. It was late night so my parents told me to sleep. On 25th of December 2016, my extended family gathered in my grandparents house to celebrate Christmas together. A lot of my kinsfolk came and talked together. Mostly they talked abo…