24th of December 2016, my family and i went to my grandparent’s house in Jakarta. We started our trip to Jakarta at 9 AM in the morning. We arrived in my grandparent’s house at 2 PM. When we arrived on my grandparents house, my grandparents had prepared lunch for us so we ate the food and talked a bit about our experience in Bandung this year. My grandparents rarely visited Bandung so we had to tell what happened in Bandung for them. It was 24th of December which was Christmas Eve, so at 8 PM we went to the nearest Catholic Church to attend Christmas Eve Eucharist. The Eucharist took about 3 hours it finished at 11 PM. We usually attend Christmas Eve Eucharist on the Christmas Eve to celebrate Christmas.
            After the Eucharist we went home and arrived at 12 PM. It was late night so my parents told me to sleep. On 25th of December 2016, my extended family gathered in my grandparents house to celebrate Christmas together. A lot of my kinsfolk came and talked together. Mostly they talked about their experience throughout the year. I heard a lot of funny stories from them. Apart from telling stories we also had a lunch together. My grandmother had cooked our favorite food before we came. It was a long day but it was fun though.
            26th of December 2016, my extended family and i went to Thousand Islands specifically we went to Pantara Island and stayed there overnight. The trip had managed by my aunt before we went there. There were a lot to see, the first thing I did in the island was snorkeling, I did it with my uncle. It was a new experience for me since i had never snorkeled before. When snorkeling i could see a lot of coral reefs there. It was beautiful but unfortunately i couldn’t take any photos because my camera won’t survive under the salt water. After I went snorkeling we had a lunch. The food was standard not too good or bad either. At 6 PM we went to the dock and took the sunset cruise. I took a lot of sunset photos using my phone’s camera. After the cruise we went for dinner, and then went to sleep.

            In the morning we left the island and went back to Jakarta. We went back to my grandparents house and talked again. In the afternoon we ate a dinner at Bintaro Exchange Mall. We ate at Bakmi GM, the food there are mostly noodles. After the dinner we went to our own house.
            On 28th of December 2016, I went to a mall with my grandparents and my cousins to AEON Mall in BSD. I didn’t really like mall a lot so I just waited and sat on the benches near the toilet. I had waited for 3 hours until they were finished. After that my family and I went back to my grandparents house. The next day my family and I left Jakarta at 7 AM. The trip wasn’t great because we were jammed in the highway. It was caused by the shifted Cisomang Bridge. We arrived back in our house at 12 PM. After all it was a great holiday with my family.
            The school began on 9th of January 2016 so, I spent the rest of my holiday in my house to play some games.


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