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Across : 
1a.   Stuff to create paintings such as canvas, brush, and ……..
2a.   The word we use when we want to conclude something
3a.   During elections to choose certain candidate we need to ……….. 
4a.   The word that define the sentence to make a different in some particular
5a.   Little running is also called as ………..
6a.   When you finish a lot of work you usually feel ……….
7a.   The opposite of bad
8a.   The opposite of short 
9a.   The creature that live in the sea 
10a. Title of the popular song released by a group band called “Magic”
11a. When the object you want to capture with camera is to far away you need to .... in 
12a. The opposite of unaware 
13a. This is one of the component on the date that changes anually
14a. We need to exercise more so our body can stay ………..
15a. This is one of the winter sport that uses poles, and skis 
16a. The opposite of contaminated
17a. The activity that include decreasing the amount of food that we eat everyday to achieve weight loss

Down :
1d. We use google map to find the …………… of some places we have never visited 
2d. The area that is an elongate depression of the earth’s surface usualy between ranges of hill or mountains
3d. The opposite of good
4d.The opposite of internal
5d. When we celebrating birthday we usually ……… someone a present for their birthday
6d. When you are writing an essay you should be careful about the ………..
7d. The elevation of the mountain that making a large angle with the plane of the horizon
8d. When we want to buy things in the supermarket we need to ……….. on the cashier 

9d.   . -- What is the symbol on the left called in plural form ?
10d. There are a lot of people today that ………. drugs for tranquilizers
11d. to propel a boat by means of oars


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