Nature is a beautiful grace for humanity. We make a contact with nature almost everyday in our life. The air we breath, the water we drink, the earth we step and walk on everyday. Nature is also our main resources for our food and oxygen. Nature gives us our essentials to live.Nature also take part a lot for humanity existence. Without the trees to recycle carbon dioxide and produce oxygen we can’t live. Without plants that supply us with foods, we might not get any food at all.Even if we stop extracting oil and using it as the main energy resources we still utilize nature to generate electricity. I thought that nature is fascinating. If you take a walk to the mountain, you will see the great view of your surroundings. Nature not only gives us things, but it also provide us a place to find calmness. Everything in nature lives in harmony with each other. We can learn a lot from nature. Even now, we learn about nature in our school from a specific subject which is biology. In Biology we learn how nature works.  We take a lot from nature. All things we have right now it’s not fully ours, it’s just a loan from nature.
            A lot of people these days have a mindset that nature is an object and humanity has the power to control and do anything to natural environment. Sometimes, we only use nature for our only advantage without  considering about the impact that we have made. The impact to our nature, and the impact to humanity itself. The impact for nature is the decreasing food and livestock supplies due to environmental changes. Human act on nature also influence the rising sea level due to global warming, these bring a lot of problems to cities that built near the coast. Especially for the cities that is located under the sea level such as Bangladesh. Global warming also caused by the incomplete combustion from vehicles we use everyday. The incomplete combustion produces carbon monoxide that could be harmful for human. Deforestation that has happened also give big impact on global warming. Deforestation also harmful for wildlife that live in the area. Endangered species become more and more rare. These actions is also related  opening of the land for to the land opening by certain companies for their palm oil plantation. We never thought that our exploitation to nature could cause a big consequences. A lot of politician have ignored these facts and just thought that it is not a big problem. They thought that climate change is just a lie and believe that climate always change it's behaviour. Unfortunately, they have a great impact on the regulation that can cause a huge difference to the nature and it's resources.
          So, after all those things what can we do now? It's easy, let's start by using mass transportation for daily commute around the city.  If the mass transportation isn't well enough we can change the way we commute to walk or biking around  the city. Another easy thing to start is to reduce the usage of electricity by turning off electricity when it is not used. We also could separate organic waste from the inorganic. The inorganic waste  can be recycled to reduce more waste. In a big picture it's easy to preserve nature. It must start from yourselves, then separate the good cause to others.
            In the end, I hope we could preserve and live in peace with nature for long period of time. So, humanity and nature can live in harmony.


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